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About us

Ediciones Larivière has celebrated twenty years in the Argentine and Latin American publishing market. Since it was founded in 1992 by Dudu von Thielmann and Jean-Louis Larivière, it has published books on a wide variety of topics on a continuous basis, as can be seen from its catalog. The company’s publications are noted for their  visual, documentary and artistic quality and constant focus on the cultural heritage of Argentina and South America.  

The editor’s focus on varied forms of artistic expression  has in recent years led these publishers to take on a strong and very deep commitment to photography-related projects, encouraging their development and dissemination through carefully-compiled exhibition catalogs and prizes for young Latin American artists, in addition to the publication of photography books with a high thematic and artistic impact. This innovative approach is also evident from their association with La Editorial Común for the publication of graphic novels in comic-strip format designed for adult readers by Argentine and foreign writers and artists.  

Actively involved in the cultural life in the city of Buenos Aires, Ediciones Larivière has sponsored the world’s largest exhibition of public art, CowParade 2006 and the exhibition by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Earth from Above, among other similar events.

Lulu y Dudu

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