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Oscar Pintor, Fotógrafo (Special Edition)

Language: Spanish (with English translation)

Pages: 208

Photography: Black and white

Size: 27 x 29 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-94-3

Weight:  1.75 Kgs.

Numbered copies, with signed photograph.

Oscar Pintor (San Juan, 1941) built, from his first photographs, a work that turns him in one of the main mentors of this subject.

His preference for urban or rural natural spaces without people, or his portraits and nudes are distinctive of his photographic style. His themes are simple, intimate, and deeply Argentinean. His treatment of light, with which he achieves a certain unreal or hallucinatory effect, is also distinctive.

This poetic photographic view in black and white is present in full intensity in this anthological book, which also contains texts by Marcos Zimmermann, Miguel Grattier y Luis Príamo, translated into English.

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