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Siesta argentina

Language: Spanish with translation

Pages: 52

Photography: 50 black & white

Size: 24 x 18 cm

ISBN: 987-9395-14-X

Weight:  0.62 Kgs.

Siesta Argentina is a fold-out book, similar to those old Japanese ones. It shows a series of symmetric commercial façades portraying a distinctive characteristic of Buenos Aires city. About 50 black-and-white photographs compose a sampling of typical suburban, “window-door-window” grocery stores, set up at 8.66-metre-wide house fronts.

Bars, butchers, dry-cleaners, and all kinds of stores, many of them closed, always empty and desolate, invite us to take a siesta. Rather than a time of the day, it depicts a state of mind, in which Buenos Aires stretches itself and yawns, as if suspended in a dream.

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