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Talents Argentins à Paris (Hard Cover)

Price 11300 ARS

Language: Spanish (with French translation)

Pages: 232

Photography: Color

Size: 26 x 26cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-84-4

Weight:  1.44 Kgs.

Photography: Sander, Eric

Author: Raymond, Danielle

For the imaginary maps of the Argentines, Paris was the Mecca of Culture, and France was the superior state of the civilization that deeply marked the education, arts and literature, and the political ideas that installed in the way of thinking of ruling class from the beginning of the nation. This book presents the experience of fifteen Argentines from different professional branches who settled in Paris, personalities who knew how to take the challenges of living and reaching their aspirations in a land that is not theirs. 

Their stories reveal the multinational Universe of their vocations because, despite living with fullness the daily traditions of the country that received them, they maintain the traditions of the foreign land they have not abandoned. Writers, actors, painters, film-makers, dancers or scientists pass by, and their testimonies are worth knowing.

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