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Gauchos de la Patagonia

Price 11500 ARS

Language: Spanish

Pages: 136

Photography: 72 color

Size: 24 x 31 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-13-4

Weight:  1.30 Kgs.

When travelling the vast open spaces of South America and visiting the estancias that dor the landscape, Philippe Bourseiller was able to portray with extreme sensitivity these men who seek to preserve a unique way of life and their ancestral traditions in an inhospitable land. In doing so, the photographer has paid homage to the inhabitants of a Patagonia that is still unfamiliar. Jean-François Chaix describes a region in which time magically melts away.

This book follows the steps of Nereo Corso, a true gaucho who must ride for hours to find a job, or a neighbor. Solitary sheep-tending and shared efforts during the shearing season  reflect his wandering through the cycle of sheep farming, the main source of employment on the Pampas steppes.

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