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Las cuatro estaciones de la Patagonia

Language: Español

Pages: 144

Photography: 133 color

Size: 26 x 26 cm

ISBN: 987-21826-0-4

Weight:  1.20 Kgs.

Jasmine Rossi photographed with a loving and expert eye the singular beauty of Patagonia’s land, its people, flora and fauna and the way they change dramatically over the seasons of the year. In the corner of the planet closest to Antarctica, the white and gray slopes of winter give way to an explosion of springtime color, and surrender to the caresses of water in the summer.

An introduction by renowned naturalist Mauricio Rumboll provides all the information necessary to fully enjoy the images that display both vast panoramas and intimate details of one of the least-known and most breathtaking territories, where the world almost comes to an end.

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