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Estancias, The Great Houses and Ranches of Argentina

Language: Spanish

Pages: 200

Photography: 200 color

Size: 29 x 31 cm

ISBN: 978-155-8594-21-0

Weight:  1.73 Kgs.

This fourth edition of the publisher’s flagship publication, its first book and a bestseller for over 20 years, remains unchanged from the original. It portrays more than 30 estancias from all over the country in 200 full-color photographs by Xavier A. Verstraeten. These various Argentine rural establishments are shown in all their aspects: the charm of their daily life, their historical and heritage value, and their varied styles that reflect a combination of local and European traditions visible in their architecture, interiors, parks and gardens.

An engaging text by historian María Sáenz Quesada covers the development of the Argentine estancia from the 16th century through to the extraordinary heights attained in the early decades of the 20th century, without neglecting the significant role these establishments still play today.

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