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The Atlantic Rainforest, a view from Puerto Bemberg

Puerto Bemberg y el bosque atlántico
Price 8400 ARS

Language: Bilingual (Spanish - English)

Pages: 173

Photography: Color

Size: 26 x 20 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-86-8

Weight:  1.20 Kgs.

The Atlantic Forest once covered a vast area of approximately one million square kilometers of eastern Brazil, eastern Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. Only seven percent of its original area remains today, making it one of the world’s most endangered forests, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Paradoxically, the largest continuous remaining area of Atlantic Forest can now be found in Misiones, Argentina, a country that originally held only a small proportion of the forest.  Another smaller continuous area exists in Brazil, in the region between Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.

The Puerto Bemberg Reserve, located on the shore of the Paraná River, covers 300 hectares of forest, known as mixed jungle or laurel and guatambú jungle, and includes incredible forests of tacuaruzú bamboo. It forms part of the secondary jungle sector that in the past suffered the removal of timber-yielding trees, but which remains in a good state of conservation.

Puerto Bemberg, A View of the Interior Atlantic Rainforest is a tribute to biological diversity.

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