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Facundo de Zuviría. Estampas 1982 / 2015

A main topic in Facundo de Zuviría’s photography is the city of Buenos Aires, “its universe” according to his own words: a certain kind of buildings, facades, shop windows, mannequins, little shops, and everything that is part of the popular urban architecture have been photographed not with a documentary purpose, but as an arbitrary and subjective record, which is more attractive.

This portrait of Buenos Aires soul, this true urban iconography that Zuviría built, his visual quests through the years, first in black and white, and then in color, are present in this anthological book with great visual quality, that looks over his works from 1982 to 2015, and is completed with texts by Fabián Lebenglik, Adrián Gorelik and Lucas Fragasso.

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