La Editorial Común

LA EDITORIAL COMÚN is an undertaking by artist Liniers, who in association with Ediciones Larivière is promoting the publication of graphic novels by Argentine writers and artists, as well as those by foreign authors. This original initiative has contributed to the creation of a new artistic and literary space, one of its pillars being a strong emphasis on design.

Graphic novels, as yet little known in Argentina, are a literary genre in which stories, generally long,  are told by means of text and sequential art. These stories are addressed to an adult readership.

Some of the titles published by Editorial Común include: Virus tropical, by PowerPaola  (Paola Gaviria, Colombia); Ombligo sin fondo, by Dash Shaw (USA); El Arte, conversaciones imaginarias con mi madre, by Juanjo Sáez (Spain); Macanudo 6, Macanudo 7 and Macanudo 8, by Liniers; Dora, by Ignacio Minaverry; La ciudad de los puentes obsoletos, by Federico Pazos; and Pequeño mundo verde, by María Martha Estrada.

To view all our publications, we invite you to visit our web page For further information, please contact or call 4372 8383.