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Inner Vision. Meditations on Bandi Binder (Special Edition)

La visión Interior. Meditaciones sobre Bandi Binder

Language: Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Pages: 96

Photography: 36 Color

Size: 23 x 30 cm

ISBN: 978-987-4460-03-5

Weight:  0.90 Kgs.

Numbered copies, with original photograph by the author, signed and numbered.

Francisca López began to go through the traces of Bandi Binder’s displaced photographs. She gathered together an infinite number of cardboard backing pieces that he would use to exhibit his photos, sheets of cardboard bearing notable marks of what had been adhered to them. She began to photograph them, seduced by the power of these minimal images; subtle remains and silent imprints that nevertheless provoke intense reverberations.

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