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Perros sin collar

Price 4340 ARS

Language: Spanish

Pages: 140

Photography: Color

Size: 21 x 15 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-77-6

Weight:  0.38 Kgs.

This book is designed to move and awaken sensitive spirits to the plight of street dogs that have been abandoned or raised out in the open.

These photographs of collarless dogs to which the title of the book refers have been taken in various parts of the Argentina, in different contexts and varied habitats, showing animals looking healthy as well as sick, puppies and old dogs, dogs reflecting misfortune or joy, but that will always be strays.

The intention of its authors has been to transcend the images themselves, stirring society’s sense of solidarity so that some form of protection is provided, be it adoption, assistance for the associations set up for the purpose, or some other recourse. The premise is that respect for any creature, dogs in this case, helps us to become a better society.

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