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Cocina mágica

Price 7600 ARS

Language: Spanish

Pages: 120

Photography: Color

Size: 19 x 26

ISBN: 978-987-4460-16-5

Weight:  0.80 Kgs.


Photography: Copello, Ángela

Author: Fendrik, Pía

This is a book that unites the magic of tales with the magic that happens in the kitchen and in the moments we share because of it. Each of these recipes invites us to transform into explorers to discover new flavors and techniques. Pía Fendrik’s thirty recipes are organized in five chapters, inspired in traditional tales.

When we are children, tales take us to wonderful worlds, they allow us to feel what the characters feel, and we play to be part of their adventures. Just as it happens in these childhood stories, the kitchen has a great power of evocation: we can remember fragrances and flavors of moments we shared, and the preparations become bridges which connect us with other generations.

In the kitchen we become cooks, decorators and artists, and it generates spaces of reunion with family and friends. For this reason, these pages are dedicated to kids who wish to be adults, and to adults who dream to be kids again, so that together we can remember that magic, in the kitchen, does exist.

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