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Ediciones Larivière Prize Festival of Light 2016

Price 5040 ARS

Language: Spanish

Pages: 68

Photography: Color - Black and white

Size: 23 x 26 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-97-4

Weight:  0.42 Kgs.

For the last tenyears, the Ediciones Larivière Prize, set up in association with the Festival of Light, has provided encouragement to many photographers.  This publisher’s record in the field of photography book publishing is a clear indication of its commitment to this branch of art.

This edition of Ediciones Larivière Prize is a book with original and opposing views, expressed in photographs. Fernando Di Sisto, Marcela Magno and Roberto Fernández Ibáñez propose a theoretical justification about their goals when they presented the awarded series: Uno (One), Land and Montañas de la incertidumbre (Mountains of uncertainty). 

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