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Jacques Bedel

Price 8780 ARS

Language: Bilingual (Spanish - English)

Pages: 420

Photography: 754 color

Size: 23 x 26 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-22-6

Weight:  2.24 Kgs.

This major anthology was presented on the occasion of the celebration of 40 years in the world of plastic arts by Jacques Bedel, one of the most illustrious of Argentine architects, sculptors and painters. Impressed by the plastic arts experimentation of the 60s, Bedel continues to produce works that implicitly or explicitly ask questions about God. From his early years he has undertaken a daring search with the aim of assigning a new role and meaning to plastic arts in an “anti-plastic arts” era. His work shows the most common disparities, tensions, challenges and contradictions in the spiritual and scientific history of our time.

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