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Golosinas argentinas

Language: Spanish

Pages: 72

Photography: 70 color, b&w

Size: 20 x 20 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-11-0

Weight:  0.32 Kgs.

This is a livre-objet to enjoy, to keep or to give. It documents the history of products that are sweet, tempting and fun, with close links to art, design and customs. It offers a view that involves the five senses, evoking the classics of the past, celebrating those that still exist, while revealing the flavors of those that are most recent. It also portrays the candy habitat: the kiosk.    

The author makes an appeal to the memory of us all. While there are sweet, mass-produced manufactured foods, there are some that are Argentine, very Argentine, with their own identity.

The book includes texts from anthropologist Eduardo Archetti and journalist Carlos Ulanovsky, and has included collaborations from artists working with candies, as well as several designers.

The result is eye candy, a book with the scent of candy. A book that delights.  

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