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Martín Chambi

Martin Chambi

Language: Spanish

Pages: 60

Photography: Black & white

Size: 25 x 23 cm

ISBN: 978-987-9395-50-9

Weight:  0.34 Kgs.

This catalog was printed for the exhibition of his work at the Isaac Fernandez Blanco Museum of Hispano-American Art. Martín Chambi was the first photographer of indigenous origin who portrayed his own people, revealing the magic universe and daily life of the Andean people with a high technical quality, masterly handling of light, and an original eye. At the same time, he was a photojournalist, documenter of native culture, a portrait photographer of Cuzco high society, and the master of a whole generation of photographers.

His photographic archive, preserved in Cuzco, contains over 30,000 negatives on glass plates and other formats.

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