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Price 17400 ARS

Language: Spanish

Pages: 400

Photography: Black & white

Size: 21 x 28 cm

ISBN: 978-987-4460-05-9

Weight:  1.60 Kgs.

“This is my most political essay” said Marcos Zimmermann about his latest photographic work, produced between 2015 and 2018 and edited by Ediciones Larivière: “Argentinos”. If photography, as Zimmermann understands it, is conditioned by reality, the election of the object and the point of view, there is no doubt that in this book the author tries to answer with images the question of “how Argentineans are”, specially capturing the invisible ones’ daily life.
This way, and as an enormous social fresco, people and spaces appear in all their spontaneity: each gesture and each expression tell a story, document a world. At the same time, each chapter is named after a verb in infinitive (believe, love, enjoy, dream…) which is accompanied with texts written by Zimmermann. Texts and images create the totalling experience which the author intended for this personal project.

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