De Zuviría Facundo

De Zuviría, Facundo

This Argentine photographer was born in 1954 and currently resides in Buenos Aires, where the city is the central theme of his work. He has published several books featuring his work, such as "Estampas porteñas" (1996), "Siesta argentina" (2003), and "Paraná ra'angá" (2013), among others. He has exhibited at important events like the São Paulo Biennial (1991) and the Mercosur Biennial (2000), as well as in various museums and galleries around the world. In recent years, he has presented his works at the Fondation Cartier (Paris, 2013), ICP (New York, 2014), Museo Lasar Segall (São Paulo, 2014), Museo Amparo (Puebla, Mexico, 2014), and Museo Colección Fortabat (Buenos Aires, 2014). He has been honored with the Konex Award on two occasions (1992, 2012) and also received the Leonardo Award (1996) from the National Museum of Fine Arts. His photographs are part of collections in Argentina and numerous private and institutional collections abroad.

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